-    CTR Eagles Rainmaker    -

CTR Eagles Rainmaker

My Silver Eagle
 Kaniksus Spots   Prince Solid Joker
  Sutters Sass
 War Morning Star   Pratt Toby Secret
  Ulrichs Shawnee
Deacons Tuf Comanche
 Surprise Tuff Tony   Tuff Comanche
  Deacons Tuf Jungle
 Deacons Tuf Jungle   Chareds Tuff Tony
  Deacons Jungle I

-    CTR Eagles Rainmaker    -

2004 Black Near Leopard ApHC ~ 15.2 hh

Sooner Super Stallion Stakes

~ 2009 Stud Fee - Negotiable ~
Consideration given to proven mares
Contact us for details

Broke to ride ~ Gentle enough for children

Rainmaker and Cayenne Colley

Rainmaker is a mature stallion that passes his great mind on to his foals.
Bred by CT Ranch Appaloosas, South Shore, SD, this stallion exhibits the
traditional Indian shuffle gait.

We are excited about offering him for breeding to those who want to
add some foundation characteristics and color to their herd.

* Extended Pedigree *

For additional information, please contact:
Larry and Lori Colley
41628 Bear Road
Terlton, OK 74081
Phone: 918-865-2797
Email: larry_n_lori@yahoo.com
Website: Colorful Colleys

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