-    C A Spotted Wonder    -

C A Spotted Wonder

C A Mighty Plaudit
 Mighty Jim T D   Princes Jim T D
  Margie Bug
 Top Hand Ace   Bay 3
  High Hanna
Silver Nugget Seeker
 Nugget Silver   Nugget Jim
  Honkie Tonk Angel
 Raineys Wonder   Wonder Seeker QH
  Rainey V

-    C A Spotted Wonder    -

2006 Bay Roan Leopard ApHC ~ 15.1 hh

Sooner Super Stallion Stakes

~ 2009 Stud Fee - Test Breeding ~
Selected group of mares
Contact us for information

We are really excited about this young stallion!

While he won't be bred very much this year, we
anticipate he will pass his good mind and ease of
handling on to his future foal crops.

This year, we wanted to present him to the Appaloosa
public all around the country.

* Extended Pedigree *

For additional information, please contact:
John Clements
30229 South Highway 71
Quinton, OK 74561
Phone: 918-490-3010
Email: rancho_de_promise@hughes.net

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